Oni Press Adds Exclusive Pickle Rick Pins And More To A Packed NYCC 2017 Booth

Oni Press has added a swath of extra stuff to their lineup for this year's New York Comic Con, including Pickle Rick pins… PICKLE RICK!

Last month, Oni let us know about all the things, stuff, and creators that are going to be at their booth (#2028) this year — and they've decided to imbue that with a small but powerful additions list:

  • Signings with Pamela Ribon (Rick and Morty, My Boyfriend is a Bear)
  • Sean Dove (BroBots)
  • Pickle Rick exclusive pins from Zen Monkey Studios
  • GIR (Invader Zim) exclusive pins from Zen Monkey Studios
  • Rick and Morty™ Hardcover, Book Two

Those exclusives are in addition to the Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game (Convention Exclusive with limited edition box art) and The Tea Dragon Society Chamomile Plushie Cuddle Bundle below.

That's in addition to their creator schedule at booth #2028:

  • Friday & Saturday 1-2pm – Tini HowardRick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It
  • Friday 3-4pm & Saturday 5-6pm – Robert Wilson IV & Christopher Sebela – Heartthrob
  • Friday 5-6pm & Sunday 1-2pm – Trungles – Fauns & Fairies: The Adult Fantasy Coloring Book
  • Saturday 2-3pm – Tony Fleecs – Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth
  • Saturday 6-7pm – Ananth Hirsh & Yuko Ota – Lucky Penny, Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us, Buzz!
  • Saturday 3-4pm – Pamela Ribon* – Rick and Morty™, My Boyfriend Is A Bear
  • Saturday 3-4pm & Sunday 11am-12pm – Kyle Starks – Rick and Morty™, Kill Them All, Dead of Winter
  • Saturday 6-7pm – Tessa Stone – Buzz!, Not Drunk Enough
  • Sunday 12-1pm – Sarah Graley – Kim Reaper, Rick and Morty: Lil' Poopy Superstar
  • Sunday 10 a.m.-11 a.m. – Sean Dove* – BroBots

* Starred items are the changes.

Oni Press NYCC 2017 Panels

  • Saturday, 10/7/17 at 12:15–1:15 PM in 1A02 – ONI PRESS 20th ANNIVERSARY
    James Lucas Jones (moderator), Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Princess Ugg, Night's Dominion), Sarah Graley (Kim Reaper, Rick and Morty™: Lil' Poopy Superstar), Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota (Lucky Penny, Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us), Yehudi Mercado (Sci-Fu)
  • Sunday, 10/8/17 at 11–11:45 AM in the NYCC Live Stage – MONSTER BATTLE TIME
    Hilary Thompson (moderator), Arielle Jovellanos, Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin, Princess Ugg, Night's Dominion), Sarah Graley (Kim Reaper, Rick and Morty™: Lil' Poopy Superstar)

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