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From Strip To Script – Global Frequency #2 And 'Rescue Fiction'
Combine that with trying to keep global panic down, or how I'll often bite off more than I can chew on the Terror Missions (where you have to directly rescue civilians)…well, it's maybe wishful thinking or willful ignorance, but I always try to approach XCOM as more of a rescue fiction game (and, y'know, if[...]
The Global Frequency TV Show From Jerry Bruckenheimer Is Dead
Last year it was reported that Jerry Bruckheimer was to produce a TV adaptation based on the DC comic book Global Frequency, originally written by Warren Ellis Ellis was to executive produce, along with Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Rockne S O'Bannon with KristieAnne Reed as co-executive producer. The comic had already had one TV pilot made ten years ago, which leaked online[...]