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Take A Look At This Sweet Mad Max Fan Movie Made In GTA

Just about everything is Mad Max crazy right now. That is pretty weird considering a lot of people didn't give a second thought to the franchise a few years ago. I really like this post-Fury Road world we live in. So here is a pretty neat little video in that vein. Youtuber La chaine de Toto has […]

Get The Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook In GTA V With New Mod

It sounds somewhat reductive to call the grappling hook in Just Cause 2 'the best thing in the game', but really it's just a testament to how good of a feature it actually was. I can still get a significant kick out of playing with the physics in that game and roping objects to other objects. […]

Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 52 Million Copies In Total

Yesterday I talked about how Grand Theft Auto V has sold 5 million physical copies in the UK alone. For anyone who dones't know about game sale averages, that's a lot, even internationally. However, it's really only a drop in the bucket when compred to the full numbers. During an earnings report, Take-Two announced that […]

Take-Two Can't Figure Out If Story DLC Is Coming To GTA V Or Not

Rockstar usually taken a while to add to their games with DLC, but when they do, it usually adds a lot of worthwhile content. From the Ballad of Gay Tony to Undead Nightmare, the studio has a good history with additional content. But GTA V has been out there for coming up on two years […]

Grand Theft Auto V Sells 5 Million Physical Copies In The UK Alone

If any game sells 5 million copies over its life time, in most cases you can call that a win. A lot of games sell a lot less than that even and still call themselves a success. Well, how about 5 million in just one territory? And we aren't even talking about the US. What […]

Watch One Of Breaking Bad's Classic Scenes Recreated In GTA V

The Director Mode bundled into Grand Theft Auto V on the PC has generated a ton of great videos. The GTA community is getting very inventive with the robust tool and are making some pretty interesting fan movies. Here is an example of that in action. Youtuber Pinkman has been recreating scenes from Breaking Bad in […]

This New Mod For Grand Theft Auto V Makes Planes Very Angry

You know that scene in North by North West where Cary Grant is chased by a Plane? Well, imagine that, but you are in a Monster Truck, there are thirty planes and some of them are shooting missiles at you. That comes close to the chaos on show in this new Grand Theft Auto V […]

New Ragdoll Mod Makes GTA V Cutscenes Much Better

The GTA V mods have been flowing since the game hit PC two weeks ago. If you go looking you will see some hilarious additions people have already added to the game. It's time to put another on to that pile. This mod comes from Youtuber Tyrannicon and it allows you to ragdoll characters. Where this differs […]

Check Out A Snow Covered Los Santos In This GTA Online PC Mod

Mods for Grand Theft Auto V are one of the biggest reasons to be excited about the game's port onto PC. Grand Theft Auto IV had a very healthy modding community that brought new life into that world. I'm very curious to see what the community does with the newest installment. This is one of the […]

Check Out Grand Theft Auto V Running On Ultra On PC

Grand Theft Auto V came out last night on the PC and I know a lot of people marveling at the overhauled game. From what I've heard, this sounds like it could be the very best version of the title available. One thing is for sure though and that's that the game has the potential […]

Take A Look At Grand Theft Auto 5's PC Director Mode

Over the last few days, we have heard a lot about Grand Theft Auto V's Director Mode, which will launch with the PC version of the game. I'd heard several descriptions of it myself, but there hadn't been a way to watch it in motion yet. At least until now. This new trailer details the […]

Grand Theft Auto V On The PC Was Always Planned To Happen

It has taken nearly a year and half to get here, but finally Grand Theft Auto V will launch on PC tomorrow. With the port being so late, you could be forgiven for thinking that the decision to make it was arrived at much later on due to community pressure. Not so it seems. While […]

Grand Theft Auto V On The PC Has An An Extensive 'Director Mode'

Grand Theft Auto V on the PC is just a few days away, bringing with it higher graphical quality, more control as well as the potential for mods. It has been long awaited, but finally, on Tuesday it will be with us. One of the coolest new features in the port is undoubtedly the new […]

This 60FPS Grand Theft Auto V PC Trailer Is Slick As Anything

It's finally happening! Everything appears to be in place for Grand Theft Auto V  to launch on PC come April 14th. This has long been one of the most asked for game ports, reaching back to before the original hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To get you nice and primed, this new trailer has […]

Grand Theft Auto V Patch Reduced Graphics – Rockstar Working On Fix

This is an odd one. Due to a new patch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V have seen their graphical fidelity reduced. This was picked up by fans, causing plenty of confusion on message boards. Rockstar have noted the problem though and have said they are working on a fix. In a post, […]

The BBC Is Making A Show About The Creation Of Grand Theft Auto

The BBC have announced that they are working on a 90 minute drama about the Grand Theft Auto series. Before you get too excited and expect to see Michael, Franklin and Trevor running around Los Santos, the show will focus on the creation of the game by Dundee based Rockstar. If you haven't heard the […]

PSA: Grand Theft Auto V: Heists Are Out Today For Free

Just a note for today. The long touted Heists in Grand Theft Auto V are now available. It took 17 months after they were planned, but owners of the game can now jump into the game and pull off bank heists with their friends. To do so, just open up your copy of Grand Theft Auto […]

These Grand Theft Auto V PC Screenshots Are Stunning

While we learned the other day that Grand Theft Auto V on the PC was being delayed to April 14th, that doesn't mean that you can't still get excited about the game. If you've been holding out on a PC version of the game to get the best looking iteration, these screenshots seem to suggest […]