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Robert Venditti Stresses The Importance Of Green Lantern: Relic #23.1
In a tweet this evening, writer Robert Venditti says the script for Green Lantern: Relic #23.1 is off to the printer… and a bit more…   Green Lantern #23.1, the origin of Relic, is off to the printer It's a big one Can't overstate the importance of this single issue. — Robert Venditti (@robertvenditti) August 10, 2013 If you[...]
How To Make Your Green Lantern Corps #20 Spoiler Free
Are you reading the current Green Lantern crossover, Wrath Of The First Lantern? Have you picked up, but not yet read Green Lantern Corps #20? Then stop! Because while the final issue is out in two weeks, this epilogue gives away the ending on page 3. But there is a solution! Simply print out and stick[...]