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James Robinson Responds To Transgender Controversy Over Airboy
And Superman is, to be frank, a thoughtless boorish moron. It caused some controversy and discussion, the point raised that even having a moron say such things can give them credence. This past week saw the publication of Airboy #2 by James Robinson and Greg Hinkle, from Image Comics Which features similar discussions, for a longer period[...]
The Rattler – Inspired By A True Event
Jason McNamara and Greg Hinkle are offering their horror graphic novel, The Rattler, exclusively on Kickstarter. The 96 page graphic novel follows Stephen Thorn, a prominent and bitter victim's rights advocate who built his career on the disappearance of his fiancée ten years earlier His world is turned upside down when he begins to receive messages that may or[...]
James Robinson Announces Airboy With Greg Hinkle At Image Expo – Updated
However in addition he announced Airboy with artist Greg Hinkle It's a semi-autobiographical tale of exploring the underside of San Francisco trying to figure out ideas for Airboy and then breaking through into Airboy's fictional word. So it is both a relaunch of the classic Airboy but also a new semi-autobiographical work. Compared to Fear and Loathing[...]