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Wondercon 2016: What American Gothic Press Has In Store For Year 2
In that time they put out titles: Gunsuits, Broken Moon, Project Nemesis, Monsterworld and Irwin Allen's Lost In Space: The Lost Adventures. But the panel was also about their upcoming projects like Killbox from Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden, more Lost in Space including the Malice In Wonderland arc along with the announcement that cover artist[...]
Monsters Vs. Mechs In Gunsuits #2 By Paul Tobin And P. J. Holden
Gunsuits, the new series from American Gothic Press, is written by Paul Tobin and drawn by P.J Holden It's a monster vs mechs epic and we have 4 pages from the second issue for you to see. For more information on Gunsuits, click here. Gunsuits, the new series from American Gothic Press, is written[...]
Famous Monsters Returns To Comics With Gunsuits
The first series, Gunsuits, is set to debut in June written by Paul Tobin (Colder), with art and cover by P.J Holden (Judge Dredd) and an alternate cover by Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan). Gunsuits is a whirlwind ride of mechs, monsters, and alternate universes, adapted from the short story "Wormholes" The story follows Cassandra "Potts" Potter as she[...]
Preview Gunsuits By Paul Tobin And PJ Holden From American Gothic Press
From American Gothic Press comes Gunsuits, a comic adapted from the short story Wormholes The series, which will run monthly for four issues, will be written by Paul Tobin, with art by PJ Holden (Judge Dredd, Numbercruncher.) Gunsuits follows main character Cassandra "Potts" Potter as she battles gigantic, scaly bio-weapons while simultaneously searching every available[...]