Preview Gunsuits By Paul Tobin And PJ Holden From American Gothic Press

From American Gothic Press comes Gunsuits, a comic adapted from the short story Wormholes. The series, which will run monthly for four issues, will be written by Paul Tobin, with art by PJ Holden (Judge Dredd, Numbercruncher.) Gunsuits follows main character Cassandra "Potts" Potter as she battles gigantic, scaly bio-weapons while simultaneously searching every available dimension for a way to win. While Cassandra is a regular woman, that doesn't stop her from surviving. The result is a tension filled, action packed comic.

Writer, Paul Tobin commented on what it was like seeing PJ Holden bring his vision to life:

PJ has been great. He's brought the grunge that I wanted. These mechs have dirt to them. Scars. It's like in football, when you look at the bench and there are a few players with torn jerseys, bloodstains, caked dirt; and then there are the players with fresh white pants. Our mechs are the former: we need the dirt and the blood and the feel that these things are patched together, a thin line of technology that stands between the pilot and instant destruction—a thin line that might be erased at any moment.

After reading the preview, I feel like all of the above is true. The script immediately sucks you in to a unique world filled with a highly intense feeling. I can't wait to learn more about Cassandra "Potts" Potter. Besides the fact that I love the way her name flows, I think the concept is pretty epic. Be sure to look for more exciting titles like this coming from American Gothic Press. Until then, enjoy the four-page preview of Gunsuits below.


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