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H1Z1 Pro League Will Shut Down Due To Several Issues
Oh, H1Z1 Pro League, we hardly knew ye Word came down this morning that the esports league would be closing up shop due to several issues. Twin Galaxies co-chairman Jace Hall sent out a message to players and organizers, which ESPN got a copy of, letting everyone know the 2ND Split was suspended indefinitely and that everyone[...]
Michelle Rodriguez and Kristine Leahy Will Guest Star on H1Z1 Pro League
The H1Z1 Pro League is making every effort to stand out with their inaugural season kickoff, including bringing in some star power as Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and Furious, Avatar, Girlfight) and Kristine Leahy (American Ninja Warrior, The Herd) will be joining in the festivities Both women will be on stage at the "Twin Galaxies Esports Center" to[...]
H1Z1 Partners with AKRacing While Tickets for ProLeague Go on Sale
Today the H1Z1 Pro League dropped a couple pieces of news regarding their next season of play The first being that tickets for the league are now on sale, and the other being they've formed a new partnership with AKRacing First with AKRacing, as the company will be providing all 75 players with an H1PL-branded gaming chair[...]