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The Difference A Loot Crate Makes – Top 300 Comics Sales For October 2014 As Walking Dead #132 Sells Around 330,000 In North America
Despite the standard cover being a lot rarer, comparatively. Also on this guestimate, Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor #1 got around 34,000, Wytches  #1 debuted at around 70,000,  Deathstroke #1 debuted at 55,000, and the cannabis-tainted Harley Quinn Annual #1 came just shy of a 100,000 sale. Here are the actual stats. QtyRank RetailRank Index PRODUCT PRICE PUBLISHER 1 1 274.55 WALKING DEAD #132 (MR) $2.99 IMA 2 2 139.31 DEATH OF WOLVERINE #4 $4.99 MAR 3 5 126.92 THOR[...]
Taking A Hallucinatory Sniff Of Today's Harley Quinn Annual
The comic may call it Cannbisylocibe =7-A, but in the UK I can confirm that it smells like pine, as the Christmas Tree symbol on the cover of the International version of Harley Quinn Annual #1 indicates And here, to prove it, is a Vine Pine. I also downloaded the digital version from ComiXology, as they[...]