A Comic Show – Carnage Has To Punish Harley!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, I'm back with a fifth week of October comics! This week is full of fun with laugh out loud highlights like Harley Quinn's Run 'N Smell Spectacular and Axis Carnage.

At DC week have a week of annuals, Swamp Thing with and ending and the Justice League's setting up what's next. Harley Quinn's annual can be read independently of her series, but partaking in some intoxicants might help with enjoyment. Personally, I really liked the Cannibisylocibe hallucinations in the issue especially Poison Ivy"s. No, Harley doesn't intentionally use drugs in this issue, or traffic them, but she does have some wacky adventures while high. As always, this is a "Teen+" title! Also, the final issue of Azz and Chiang's Wonder Woman is here, and we're celebrating their run with Cliff Chiang here this Saturday! Details on that event are here.

Over at Marvel, Carnage would have to punish Harley because he's now a hero, or at least trying to be. This is my favorite aspect of Axis, the villains as heroes. If you're a Carnage fan, you'll love this even if it sounds stupid to you. I assure you, this book is awesome! Also, The Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America one shot worked. Seeing Wade and Old Man Rogers clean up after Logan was amusing, but the ending was special. Without giving anything away about Logan, I'm a sucker for those moments when Deadpool get a little respect.

I talk about the goings on with Saga, Southern Bastards, Cowl, and Rasputin for Image. Avatar and Justin Jordan's Dark Gods wowed me, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes God is Dead, or much of Alan Moore's dark magic books.

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