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The world of Chokehold is a post-apocalyptic UK where a nuclear-ravaged countryside swarms with two armies at desperate war: the Haters, who underwent a change that renders them intent on killing everyone who didn't (the Unchanged.) The Haters are similar to zombies in that way, but they retain their intelligence and cunning, and have organized[...]
Nineties Bad Girl Comic Rebooted As Revenge Fantasy Against Misogynist Trolls And Haters
Then using Kickstarter as a way to target pre-orders directly to the readers to launch the new series, bypassing distributors and retailers. And Lookers is the latest, to be rebooted by GI Joe/Transformers/God Is Dead's Mike Costa with artists Renato Camilo and Ron Adrian. And the ladies in question have been reinvented, one as an IT consultant, the other[...]