How Thor: Ragnarok Should Have Ended

The folks over at How It Should Have Ended took on Thor: Ragnarok and came up with three alternate endings for the film that all seem pretty much in line with the story. One ending includes Loki being Loki, making off with the Tesseract instead of bring back Surtur to help defeat Hela… that's a […]


Fans Decide How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended

Today is the official home released of Spider-Man: Homecoming on Blu-ray and DVD. Which means it's also time for the HISHE folks to come out with the How It Should Have Ended video for the film. But this one is slightly different as it was written by their fans. The video takes pot shots at […]

Wonder Woman

How Wonder Woman Should Have Ended… With An Invisible Jet

The How It Should Have Ended folks have done up a new video for Wonder Woman. I was interested in seeing this one, as I liked 95% of the film, but didn't like the ending fight with Ares. Sadly, they didn't address that — I still would've liked to see more physical fighting between the […]


Guardians Of The Galaxy / Yondu Parody Song: 'Here Comes My Arrow'

As part of the How It Should've Ended video for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there was a brief parody called Here Comes My Arrow. Now the guys at HISHE have put together a full parody video using the footage from the film. It's full of Yondu love — and quite a bit of hatred for […]

How the LEGO Batman Movie Should Have Ended

The folks at How It Should Have Ended have decided to take on The LEGO Batman Movie, and while their other videos usually include multiple bits, here they just go for one alternate ending and then use their normal framing device — Batman and Superman at a coffee shop — to make the final digs. […]

Should Logan Have Ended With A Musical Number?

The folks at How Is Should Have Ended have made a name for themselves pointing out obvious plot holes and finding comedic ways to end films. But this one may be the most out there yet. Imagine if Logan had ended in a musical number similar to Les Miserables. Well, you don't have to, the […]

How Rogue One Should Have Ended

Someone asked me what I thought of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as I didn't review it for the site. My response was simple: the Star Wars fan in me loved it, the writer in me hated it. There were plot holes like crazy, a lot of things that happened by coincidence and almost […]

Not From The Star Wars Christmas Special – Silent Night By Chewbacca

This is an amazing video… not because it's Chewbacca growling out Silent Night. Not because it's really well done. But because at some point someone had the idea to even think it was possible. How much were the folks at How Is Should Have Ended drinking when one of them said, "I know! Wookie Christmas […]

What If It Was Aquaman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

The folks at How It Should Have Ended have done up a new episode of their series Hero Swap. The video shows what might have happened had it been Aquaman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We get to see the more classic version of Arthur Curry and how he becomes the Jason Momoa version.

How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

The HISHE folks have done up a new episode focusing on Captain America: Civil War. They pick up a few of the plot holes as usual, but they also pick up on what's going on in the Captain America comics as well. Plus… poor Ant-Man… that's all I'm saying. [youtube]https://youtu.be/fvLw021rVN0[/youtube]

How Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended… Part One

A movie as epic as Avengers: Age Of Ultron deserves a HISHE just as epic… and it gets one. Okay, maybe its not epic, but it is broken into two parts. Here the folks at How It Should Have Ended take on Marvel's latest cinematic extravaganza… and as always they work Superman and Batman into […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy – How It Should Have Ended

Guardians of the Galaxy is now accessible through a few different means and that was enough for the folks at How It Should Have Ended to do their thing. Though they usually focus more on the glaring plot holes in a movie, which Guardians had, here they decided to go for some of the more […]

Oh What A Difference A Blockbuster Makes – Lego Batman Is Jelly

The folks at How It Should Have Ended decided to mix-n-match combining Chris Pratt's roles from The Lego Movie and Guardians Of The Galaxy to get Batman a wee bit jealous. This is a HISHE short called Lego Batman Is Jelly. [youtube]http://youtu.be/aGC6h0OnbRA[/youtube]