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Music To Watch Howard Porter's Original Superman Art By
Bleeding Cool has told you that Howard Porter is on Superman as John Romita Jr heads off to a Batbook Well, Porter has been testing the waters with Action Comics He showed off a little of the original artwork while suggesting a theme tune. Action Comics 44 pg 19&20 when you look at these pages imagine[...]
John Romita Jr Leaves Superman For An Exciting New Project…
Yesterday, I told you that Justice League 3001 artist Howard Porter was coming on to the Superman ongoing series I thought, as a guest artist for an issue or two Not true He is the new ongoing artist for Superman, for now at least. But what of John Romita Jr? I understand, despite some scurrilous rumour[...]
Howard Porter, Drawing The Superman Ongoing Comic?
Okay, so it may just be for a few issues. But I understand that Howard Porter, the current artist on Justice League 3001 will be drawing the ongoing Superman comic for DC Comics. Presumably while John Romita Jr takes a well deserved break. I really like Howard Porter's current work I also think he's rather undervalued at the[...]
The Bleed 2.16 – Reading Men Of Wrath With Howard Porter of Justice League 3000
The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. This week we're lucky to have the supremely talented Howard Porter! He just finished a run on Justice League 3000 and is already working on the follow-up, the appropriately titled Justice League 3001. And he's chosen a book by a personal friend of his, the[...]
They're Putting The Band Back Together Again – Justice League 3000
But if there are any fans of the DeMatteis/Giffen ere of the Justice League who aren't picking up this title – what the hell is wrong with you? For a start, Howard Porter is doing the work of his career But that's just a start We have Pre-52 Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. We have a Pre-52[...]
The Big Reason To Buy Justice League 3000 #11 Today (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)
Secondly it's drawn by Howard Porter who is soooooo much better at his craft than in is Grant Morrison JLA run, totally reinventing himself from the ground up, with influences from Moebius, Bode, Quitely and more mixing around in there. And thirdly… and this is where it gets very spoilery, so if you are thinking of[...]
Today DC Comics Staff Learn Details About The Big Move West
I am told that just over a week ago, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson sent out an e-mail sent to New York DC Comics staffers. Telling them that today, DC Comics will reveal details regarding the move from New York to Burbank next April. Including exactly when the different departments will be packing up and moving.  Six months to go[...]
The Pre-52 Blue Beetle And Booster Gold To Appear In Justice League 3000
DeMatteis and Howard Porter, featuring the parasitic clones of DC Comics' Justice League, a thousand years in the future. And very pretty it looks too. Since then, it has been limited to those central Justice Leaguers Even if the Flash is now female But more change is coming. Keith Giffen told Newsarama that "In issue #8, the status[...]
Justice League 3000 #3 – Arrogant League Of The Dismal Future
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman now try to find out how they can get off this bleak future-Earth, making a potential ally along the way. The art is an enjoyable, ruddy-stylization, thanks to Howard Porter's deft pencil strokes I enjoyed his run on Superman Beyond, and he again shows us what he brings to the table[...]
The Future, Courtesy Of Howard Porter
I never liked Howard Porter's work in Justice League Of America Written by Grant Morrison, I read it, sure, but… well, he was no Bryan Hitch Or Frank Quitely I felt regularly disappointed. Cut to ten years later and, well. This is Howard Porter's original art for Justice League 3000. Boy do I feel an idiot. Is there any[...]