Kevin Maguire Off Justice League 3000, Howard Porter On From #1…

JL3000_Cv1_usvc3fnity_Yesterday we reported that Kevin Maguire has been dropped by DC from the upcoming Justice League 3000 book. Compensated for drawing the first issue in full, DC had decided to go in another direction

Today, Newsarama reported that series co-writer Keith Giffen told them, in a statement prepared by DC Comics;

"The guy who nailed the character designs on the interior of the book? The guy who teamed with Grant Morrison to make JLA a hit? This is what they call a no-brainer," series co-writer Keith Giffen said in a exclusive statement to Newsarama. "Welcome aboard Howard. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration."

As a result, the book will no longer be out on October the 4th, but pushed back to November.

Also, as a result, people are going to keep asking Kevin Maguire to see the original first issue.

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