Danger Mouse Reboot Gets 52-Episode Order, Horrible Histories Writer

It's been in the works for a while but the official announcement dropped overnight. Danger Mouse is being rebooted by Ireland's Boulder Media, and Horrible Histories' Ben Ward is on board to write the scripts. We don't know – yet – who will be providing the voices, but that's already some serious talent behind the […]

The Simon Cowell And Brendan McCarthy TV Show That Never Was – Ultra Arena

Here are some excluisve designs and concepts for a Simon Cowell TV series that never made it… A few years back, SYCO, his production company, got in touch with Brendan McCarthy (Reboot, Rogan Gosh, Strange Days, Judge Dredd) to help them conceptualise a new TV format, after the international success of the new Doctor Who. […]

Inspector Morse To Become Student Morse

ITV is in the process of creating a prequel to the Inspector Morse series of dramas that starred the late John Thaw and ran from 1987 until 2000. The channel is already broadcasting the spin off series Lewis, with the Kevin Whately reprising the role of Morse's sidekick, with its fifth series currently airing. The […]

ITV's This Morning Goes Royal Wedding Comic Mad

Allison Hammond off of ITV's This Morning, holding a comic book with what appears to be a generous smile, there. And me and Mike Collins, in front of Buckingham Palace in London, part of the media circus that has grown up around the royal residence in preparation for the wedding of Kate and William this […]

The Royal Wedding Motion Comic Launches Today On iPhone, iPad and Android

Diamond, it seems, have delayed shipping the Bluewater royal wedding comic to comic book stores next week. I can feel publisher Darren Davis' pain, I really can. The book may be competition for my own, but considering the amount of publicity he's organised, he must ache when he sees comic stores without the comic in […]

British TV Pits Iron Man Against Hulk

The British daytime TV schedules are always full of movies in the post Christmas-post New Year slots before people go back to work and the schools start up again. Well, later today we see a curious conjuncture of schedules as two of Britain's main commercial channels go head to head. ITV has Incredibnle Hulk at […]

A Collection Of Primeval Trailers And Mini-Episodes Before January 1st Launch

BBC America Trailer [youtube]Z2chO5VBlds[/youtube] BBC America Teaser Trailer [youtube]Yh6rPi9Koso[/youtube] ITV Trailer [youtube]f5Y6MJB7RUg[/youtube] ITV Teaser 1 [youtube]UzS8urEefhw[/youtube] ITV Teaser 2 [youtube]danHo8avSAg[/youtube] And a whole host of new, unembeddable and quite brilliant mini-episodes featuring the time-travelling dinosaur-hinting crew to set you up for Primeval Series/Season 4, starting January 1st in the USA and the UK.

Trailer: Primeval Series Four For ITV1 And BBC America

Here we go folks. A preview of the first episode of dinosaur-hunting TV show Primeval Series Four, debuting on ITV in the UK and on BBC America in the US on January 1st. Teatime mainstream family show in the UK, evening prime time cult show in the US. What are the chances of that happening? […]