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AEW Hires Former WWE Superstar Jake Atlas
Instead, Khan announced the hiring of former WWE Superstar Jake Atlas, who has turned his back on his former employer for no reason other than that they fired him during a pandemic, which The Chadster finds extremely disrespectful Atlas working for AEW, The Chadster means WWE can fire whomever they like in The Chadster's opinion.  Vince[...]
Razer Renames Their Facemask Project Hazel To Be The Razer Zephyr
The names of those released include Bronson Reed, Tyler Rust, Leonn Ruff, Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish, Ari Sterling, Jake Atlas, Kona Reeves, Zechariah Smith, Asher Hale, Giant Zanjeer, and Stephon Smith Based on social media reaction, the move tonight wasn't one that many saw coming, and many (including veteran professional wrestling news sites) are shocked by[...]