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"Clue" Remake: "Muppets" James Bobin in Talks to Direct

Another piece looks to fall into place as 20th Century attempts to court The Muppets James Bobin into directing their Clue remake Based on the Hasbro board game of the same name, the remake stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool).[caption id="attachment_1160235" align="aligncenter" width="600"] DFree / Shutterstock.com[/caption] Reunited "Deadpool" Trio for "Clue" Jason Bateman was the original choice for the[...]

Director James Bobin Discusses Muppets Most Wanted In Depth

I was lucky enough last week to sit down with James Bobin, the co-writer and director of Muppets Most Wanted This guy knows Kermit the Frog so I definitely wanted to be in with him.We talked about his initial ideas for the film, as well as song's jokes and songs We do end by spoiling one[...]

Muppets Most Wanted Director James Bobin Spills Some Muppet Secrets

After everybody else at the junket so painstakingly protected "The Big Muppet Secret," Most Wanted director James Bobin just went ahead and openly acknowledged it As he said, he's one of the few people that can talk about it.Here's my chat with Bobin about the film, Muppet technique, and just for a moment, his other[...]

Tom Hiddleston Is The Great Escapo In The Muppets… Again

This could give writer-director James Bobin a lot of scope for guest stars in the guise of other acts on the bill, and we may have found out the first.As spotted by a blog called Muppets Henson, some time Nordic god of tricksiness, Tom Hiddleston has a role in the film It was listed on his[...]

Muppet Sequel Interpol Role Goes To Modern Family's Ty Burrell

In that case he inherited the role from Robert Downey Jr.All other details remain the same - it's a caper, it takes place in Europe, we're still waiting to hear on other human cast members.James Bobin is coming back to direct again, Bret McKenzie is writing the songs and the key roles of Kermit the[...]

Everything We Know So Far About The Muppets 2, Including The First Image

The appearance of his fingers in the logo above underline this nicely. There will be new characters, though it's not 100% clear if that means new Muppets.We already knew that Nick Stoller and James Bobin are writing the script together and that Bobin is expected to direct.And here's the one thing that Jason Segel, also on[...]

The Muppets Sequel Has Been Outlined, Will Feature New Characters And Capering

I want one for when I get back from the toilet in a couple of minutes, but that isn't necessarily going to make it happen.*Co-writer Nicholas Stoller seems sceptical about this tight turnaround too.He's currently co-writing a script for the sequel with with director James Bobin - and I do mean currently The script has[...]

Jason Segel Won't Be On The Writing Team For The Muppets Sequel

Director James Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller of The Muppets have signed a deal to pen a sequel, unsurprising perhaps considering that the movie has already grossed over $150 million worldwide and received widespread critical acclaim.However, if you're a fan of Jason Segel's writing then we're sorry to report that according to Vulture, the writer/actor[...]

When Bleeding Cool Met The Director Of The Muppets, James Bobin

We'll start with the tallest and work our way down - James Bobin, then Miss Piggy, then Kermit the Frog.Bobin and I talked about some of the technical choices necessary when working with Muppets, and also how making the film a musical affected its structure and emotional content.The Muppets is finally out in the UK[...]