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How is Marvel Comics' New Headquarters Connected to Donald Trump, DC Comics, and Satan?

666 Fifth Avenue is currently owned by the President's Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, but Kushner owes so much debt on the property that he stands to lose it all to another investor, Vornado Reality Trust Kushner's perilous situation has been alleged to affect Kushner's dealings as ambassador to the Middle East, where Kushner has allegedly desperately[...]

Champions Give Jared Kushner a Run for his Money in Next Week's Champions #2

It's hard to come up with an idea more damaging to America's reputation in the Middle East than Donald Trump making Jared Kushner the regional ambassador, but in next week's Champions #2, the titular superhero team does its best Seen in this preview below, the superheroes have taken one of their massively destructive battles to[...]

The Marvel Experience Joins Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Initiative

Could the Marvel Experience actually be a trojan horse meant to deliver revenge, the latest in the ongoing saga of U.S. Middle Eastern Ambassador Jared Kushner, who has repeatedly used his power to punish countries in the region when they refuse to invest in his failing real estate money pit, the former DC Comics offices at[...]


Cursed Former DC Comics Office Building May Bring Down Trump After All

Jared Kushner's attachment to 666 Fifth Avenue, the former home of DC Comics, could be the downfall of Donald Trump's presidency Buckle in for some long-form journalism, folks![caption id="attachment_619906" align="aligncenter" width="960"] 666 Fifth Avenue[/caption]Back in March, Bleeding Cool was one of the first websites to report that an ancient curse on the Manhattan office building[...]