Cursed Former DC Comics Office Building May Bring Down Trump After All

Jared Kushner's attachment to 666 Fifth Avenue, the former home of DC Comics, could be the downfall of Donald Trump's presidency. Buckle in for some long-form journalism, folks!

666 Fifth Avenue

Back in March, Bleeding Cool was one of the first websites to report that an ancient curse on the Manhattan office building which formerly housed the home offices of DC Comics prior to their move to Burbank, now owned by Jared Kushner, threatened to destroy Donald Trump's presidency. In lighter circumstances, we might be tempted to say, "pip pip." We might even say, "respectfully, we informed you of this at a previous juncture, " or, "did we mention we were having a pint at the pub with Kieron Gillen last night, or Kieron as we call him, because we're on a first-name basis?" These are the sorts of things we might normally say here at Bleeding Cool when we're proven right about something, but when dealing with forces beyond the understanding of mortal men, convention must be thrown out the window, and we must all exercise a certain amount of restraint befitting the seriousness of the situation.

Today's groundbreaking update on Manhattan's most satanic piece of real estate comes via Dr. Dena Grayson, who is described by her Twitter biography as both a "Medical #Doctor (MD) and #Scientist (PhD)," as well as a former congressional candidate and the spouse of Florida congressman Alan Grayson. Dr. Grayson's bio does not specify which discipline of hashtag #science she holds her PhD in. Perhaps Thuganomics, like John Cena? If her tweet thread proves anything, it's that it definitely isn't Brevity.

Grayson tweets about the series of poor business deals surrounding 666 Fifth Avenue that may connect Kushner, and the Trump administration, to Russia, starting with an article detailing the history of the property (though, oddly, leaving out its occult significance):

Grayson makes a compelling case for how 666 Fifth Avenue could be Kushner's, and therefore Trump's, undoing with the Russia investigation. But here at Bleeding Cool we like to double down on our journalism. We like to take it to the extreme, like a 1990s Rob Liefeld comic after Liefeld had downed several cans of Jolt cola. So we'd like to propose another theory.

What could have led a supposedly smart and successful businessman to get himself entangled in a web of debt, international intrigue, and potentially legally incriminating stupidity?

We've previously established evidence that DC Comics experienced an unprecedented era of success while they called 666 Fifth Avenue home, and their troubles — from their fallout with Alan Moore to the Has DC Done Something Stupid Today Counter to the loss of co-publisher Dan Didio's beautiful hair — all occurred after they left.


By that same logic, shouldn't Kushner's fortunes be good as long as he owns the office building? Unfortunately for Kushner, and for President Trump, things aren't that simple.

Think about it. Kushner's behavior seems reckless, and may well have endangered his father-in-law's presidency. It could land one or all of them in jail. But what if Kushner is taking his orders from somewhere else? What if someone even stupider than Donald Trump never truly left 666 Fifth Avenue, and is pulling all the strings right now, pushing Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, and maybe even the world to the brink of oblivion? What if Jared Kushner should have gotten rid of that creepy painting he found in the penthouse office of 666 Fifth Avenue like his gut told him to, as soon as he laid eyes on it?

Cursed Former DC Comics Office Building May Bring Down Trump After All

Sure, this theory may seem a little bit far-fetched, and a comic book website isn't normally where one looks to as a source of groundbreaking political journalism. But if a high-ranking Trump administration official were secretly taking orders from a haunted painting of Dan Didio located in his satanic Manhattan office building, everything that's happened over the past year would kind of start to make sense, wouldn't it?

Pip. Pip.

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