Dark Lord Beelzebub Angered As Trump Advisor Sells Satanic NY Office Building That Once Housed HQ Of DC Comics


Another connection between the Donald Trump administration and the comic book industry has been recently been discovered, this time on Twitter by longtime DC Comics writer Jerry Ordway.

Always enticed by an interesting story from Jerry Ordway, we looked into this matter in order to bring the truth to the readers of Bleeding Cool. Employing our advanced journalism skills, we read the twitter thread Ordway linked to:


So what does all of this have to do with DC Comics? Well, the office building referred to in those tweets, 666 Fifth Avenue, housed the former headquarters of DC Comics, back when the company was on top of the world. The beloved 1980s super-mega-crossever event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, was produced in that building. The company was propelled to a new level of global success with the release of Tim Burton's Batman during the same era that DC called 666 Fifth Avenue its home. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created Watchmen, and were on good terms with the publisher. But since moving out of the building in 1991, things have basically been all downhill.

Now, we're not saying that DC's success during that time period was the result of a bargain with the devil, and that breaking that bargain has led to the company's slow decline, and that therefore the same thing could happen to Donald Trump, because that would, we assume, be considered potentially libelous. However, it can't be denied that DC has suffered some coincidental setbacks since moving out of the Satanic address. Could a curse by Prince of Demons Beelzebub be behind the company's recent misfortune, which has been marked by constant losses in market share battle with rival Marvel comics, poor fan reaction to their superhero films, and the permanent employment of Eddie Berganza? It's impossible to say. However, we will note that, prior to the publisher's spurning of the unholy skyscraper, top-ranking DC executive Dan Didio was well-known for his beautiful, luscious full head of hair.


The evidence is too murky to confirm this story one way or the other, but it seems clear that there's at least some connection, and its only now, twenty-five years later, that the company is beginning to recover with the success of its DC Rebirth reboot and the recent announcement of a digital subscription service in partnership with Amazon.

The only question, if true, is whether this same curse will affect President Trump, or whether Beelzebub has been sated by the trillion dollar infrastructure tribute Trump has given to Steve Roth, who owns at least a 49.5% share in 666 Fifth Avenue, repeatedly bailed out Trump and his family from financial disaster, and currently owns debt from both Trump and Jared Kushner, according to the reports above. And even if Beelzebub does decide to curse Trump as he may or may not have done DC, what would the curse entail? Common logic would suggest constant scandal and political turmoil for the administration, protests around the country against its policies, and the exposure of the President himself as a petty, narcissistic, borderline illiterate tyrant. But all of that has already happened, so Beelzebub will need to dig deep to find a truly unique.

We'll keep you posted.


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