How Does Cursed Former DC Comics Office At 666 Fifth Avenue Factor Into Saudi Arabian Coup?

Strange things are afoot once again at the cursed Manhattan office building that was once the home of DC Comics and is now owned by First Son-in-Law Jared Kushner. Bleeding Cool has been investigating the odd happenings at 666 Fifth Avenue for months, though everything we uncover only serves to add to the mystery rather than provide any clarification. The latest bizarre intrigue centered around the building involves a coup in Saudi Arabia that could bring down one of the richest men in the world, just as the building threatens the stability of Donald Trump's presidency.

666 Fifth Avenue

In retrospect, it should have been obvious from the start that something was wrong with the building, as soon as Kushner bought it. Ignoring that the building shares its address with The Beast, the first clue should have been that the creepy statue of Clark Kent kept mysteriously returning to the lobby every time Kushner attempted to dispose of it. Or the ghost of an attractive young woman frequently seen rising out of a bath tub in the 41st floor executive washroom, only to transform into a nude Steve Bannon just before attempting to embrace terrified visitors.

How Does Cursed Former DC Comics Office At 666 Fifth Avenue Factor Into Saudi Arabian Coup?

With special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible Trump administration collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election getting ever closer to toppling the administration, Kushner's business dealings are believed to be a key focus of the investigation. And the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue is the crown jewel of Kushner's mismanagement, bleeding money while Kushner's hopes of finding an angel investor to help him revamp the property slip further away, leaving Kushner desperate. The building from which Crisis on Infinite Earths was published is at the center of a new crisis which could bring down Donald Trump's presidency.

No one is sure exactly why 666 Fifth Avenue is cursed, but there are some theories. The building was built on the former grounds of the ancestral home of Anderson Cooper, the Vanderbilt estate that once consumed the entire city block, though it's unclear whether Cooper has used the "evil eye" to curse its current owners for destroying his family's home, or whether he is simply rolling his eyes extremely hard at a CNN panelist defending Donald Trump's latest outrageous antics. All anyone knows is that DC comics produced some of its most successful works while it was under the office building's supernatural influence, and DC Comics co-Publisher Dan Didio had a full head of luscious hair. Once they moved, the building punished them with the Nu52 reboot and, well, just look at Didio now. Bald as a cue ball.

How Does Cursed Former DC Comics Office At 666 Fifth Avenue Factor Into Saudi Arabian Coup?

So it's no surprise that Kushner, who owes about one and a half billion dollars on a mortgage on the building by 2019, would be desperately trying to ensnare others in its supernatural grip. Kushner was hoping that ultra-rich Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal would bail him out by investing in his plans to raze the building and construct a luxury skyscraper in its place, doubling its height and perhaps allowing its sphere of bad juju to spread further throughout the city. If Kushner can't turn the property, which is losing tens of millions of dollars per year around, he'll lose his stake, perhaps ending up like Didio or worse, while Vornado CEO Steve Roth will take full possession.

But bin Talal refused, and just a few days later:

According to a report from ABC News, bin Talal and others were detained and are currently being held in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, the site of his meeting with Kushner just a few days ago, as part of a widespread sweeping "anti-corruption" probe that many believe was truly meant to consolidate power for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. But is the Saudi monarch really behind the plans, or was he, like Kushner, taking orders from the haunted painting of Didio unearthed in the sub-basement of 666 Fifth Avenue when Kushner took possession of the building? ABC has no answers for that question. In fact, they didn't even mention the painting, which has been known to refer to itself as both "the scourge of Carpathia," "the sorrow of Moldavia," and "the employer of Berganza" in their story, which is proof enough that there's something to hide.

How Does Cursed Former DC Comics Office At 666 Fifth Avenue Factor Into Saudi Arabian Coup?

There's no telling what horrors the curse of 666 Fifth Avenue will bring next, but one thing for certain is that the building isn't finished with whatever it's planning. Bleeding Cool will continue to follow this story, at great personal risk to our souls, to keep you, the readers, informed. But as the world descends deeper into chaos as a result of the strange machinations of this Manhattan real estate, we implore you: if you're approached by Jared Kushner with an offer to become an investor in 666 Fifth Avenue, flee as quickly as possible, as if your life depended on it. If what we've seen so far is any indication, it almost certainly does.

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