Another Setback For The Cursed DC Comics Office Building That Could Bring Down Donald Trump

Trouble is brewing once again at 666 Fifth Avenue, the cursed former home of DC Comics that now belongs to Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Donald Trump. Kushner owes $1.4 billion dollars on the Manhattan office building, due in February, but a plan to raze the building and build a brand new luxury skyscraper is dead, according to a report from the Associated Press. Without the reboot, the office building isn't filled to capacity and is losing "tens of millions of dollars a year." Jared was counting on his business partner in the venture, co-owner Steve Roth and his Vornado Realty Trust, to rescue him from the disastrous investment, but Roth appears to be biding his time until he can take the building for himself after bailing Kushner out in 2011 in exchange for a large ownership stake.

666 Fifth Avenue

Of course, Kushner should have seen this coming. The building has long been believed to be cursed, as should be obvious from the fact that it shares its address with the number of the beast. It's not just the "bad juju" one can sense in the former office of DC editor Eddie Berganza. When DC Comics called the office building home, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio had a full, luscious head of hair, and look at him now! What more proof does anybody need?


But the loss of Didio's beautiful blond locks is only one of the tragedies that has befallen residents of the unholy building. As Bleeding Cool previously reported as part of our in depth ongoing investigation, Kushner is rumored to be taking business advice from a painting of Didio that a cleaning crew found in the building's sub-basement. And it could very well be Kushner's business dealings, guided by the man who dreamt up the Nu52 Reboot, that puts Kushner in the sights of federal investigator Robert Mueller. And if Kushner goes down, he's definitely turning on Trump. It's all connected.

Another Setback For The Cursed DC Comics Office Building That Could Bring Down Donald Trump

Kushner has only himself to blame for his looming self-destruction. The curse on 666 Fifth Avenue is the scariest thing to happen to the Trump family since Eric Trump stole that tiki idol during the family's trip to Hawaii to locate President Obama's birth certificate. In all honesty, Kushner should have sold the building the very moment he saw that ghost of a nude young woman who haunts the executive washroom on the 41st floor, often seen rising out of the bathtub seductively only to to transform into Steve Bannon and try to embrace horrified visitors.

Another Setback For The Cursed DC Comics Office Building That Could Bring Down Donald Trump

But he didn't, and now his fate is sealed. Kushner is likely to lose everything, Trump will be indicted and impeach or resign, and Roth will take possession of 666 Fifth Avenue, which will have claimed another in a long line of victims of its terrible curse. And if Roth has any brains, he'll get rid of the building as soon as possible, before he meets the same end as Kushner, Trump, and DC Comics.

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