Jasen Smith

Amazing Spider-Man #4 cover by Ryan Ottley and Laura Martin

Amazing Spider-Man #4 Review: Humor and Heart with Two Peters

Color assists by Peter Pantazis and Jasen Smith[/caption]Ottley’s artwork jells very well in this issue too His style lends itself to action and visual expression, and both play a large role in the visual narrative of the comic It does bother me that the costume loses its lining at a relatively short distance, but that’s[...]

Breaking Down The Types Of Comic Coloring

Aspen Comics And Top Cow colorist Jasen Smith has posted this handy image that helps breakdown the different styles of coloring Now it's been many years since I did any comic coloring, but to break this down even further.. the Flat-Style is also the basic first step in most of these Flatting the image, like[...]