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Not The First Time Jimmy Olsen Has Been "Superman's Gal"…

All that surprise and fuss on the right hand side of Bleeding Cool over the possibility of Jimmy Olsen being played by a woman in Man Of Steel Because Jimmy Olsen has played a woman many a time Indeed, for a time he seemed to be doing it all the time.  Let's let Fred Hembeck[...]

Six Changes For Superman #1

Jimmy Olsen Is A Brunette And he's lost the freckles Gingerwashing? Looks more like Justin Bieber... 6 Lois Lane Thinks Print Is Dead And she's in charge of TV and digital now So basically.. she is Perry White now! Will Jimmy call her Chief?And as to those debates as to whether Lois Lane would hack mobile phones[...]

Jimmy Olsen, The Best Comic Of 2011? – Wednesday Comics Review

Jimmy Olsen Oneshot is a strange beast to sell, initially made up of the Jimmy Olsen back up strips that ran in the $3.99 Action Comics before a reverse ferret was performed and all the books went to 20 pages, losing their back up strips in the proces Not all have been collected[...]