The Real Big Spoiler In Today's Superman #38

At the weekend, Bleeding Cool showed you Superman's new costume. Yesterday we told you about his new power. Those were the teased and promoted aspects of the issue that most folk were expecting.

But there are a few other things about today's comic by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. that may have far more impact. Including, at the end, a not-quite-final page spoiler that you might want to save until you have read the comic.

Superman #37 (2015) - Page 13

First, about the destruction of Ulysses' Great World. I'd figured that somehow Superman had saved the billions of people on that planet, rather than basically contributing to their deaths in the last issue (above and below), and maybe this could have been tied in with his new power. Being able to whip up a new Kandor-like bottle or something, that he could hide him his super-butt or something.

Superman #37 (2015) - Page 14

But no, it seems that in saving the six million humans from Earth, he contributed to the events that would see this happen.

Superman #37 (2015) - Page 20

So while Ulysses is equally culpable, Superman is totally at fault, there is no big red reset button and their deaths are on his hands.

Superman #37 (2015) - Page 23

Ulysses was right. But that's all from last issue. But in this issue, as Superman exhibits his new power, the deaths of so many millions of sentient life forms as a result of his actions never seems to bother him. That's point one.

Point two, and this is a bigger spoiler, so be wary. Jimmy Olsen in the New 52 is a billionaire, though one who doesn't wants to touch the billions his parents left him as they, as Jimmy sees it, fake their own deaths as part of a legal squabble. It's a big change for the character. But in this issue, and you can find out why, Jimmy loses all his money and is penniless again. Just like the broke Jimmy Olsen of the Pre-52.

It's another move from Geoff Johns to move DC Comics characters back to the Pre-52 ways of doing things. At least he doesn't have that bow tie any more.

But the third point, and this is where it gets as spoilery as all hell, Superman does something that… well, he's done before…


But this time he manages to build in a new costume reveal at the same time… to the true love of his life!

Superman #38 (2015) - Page 26

Which is quite a departure from the status quo, Pre-52 or New-52. Will is stick? Will it be reversed by hypnotism? Will it be erased from reality by Mephisto? Or is that the other guy? Either way throw in this all in, with the new costume and the new power, and I get the feeling quite a few people will be after this comic book today…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, with a Liz Prince signing this Saturday…

lizprince-signingAnd a Kieron Gillen signing the next!


Yes, folks, that is how Kieron will be spending Valentine's Day…

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