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Does The Three Jokers Give Batman Closure Over The Death Of His Parents?
But what do we know? Joe Chill killed Thomas and Martha Wayne in Crime Alley, after the Wayne's had talent their son to see a Zorro movie If only they had walked through Justics Street, but there you go A mugging, a shot, spilled pearls, and Bruce Wayne watching it all, you know the drill[...]
Batman's Oldest Enemy Returns In Three Jokers Book Two (Spoilers)
As the Joker's plans involve Batman's oldest foe of all, who was there in the beginning. Three Jokers Book Two art The petty criminal who killed his parents, Joe Chill Back in 1948, Batman confronted Chill, who was then gunned down by his own henchman for being the man who created Batman Later it would be revealed[...]
Today, Batman Finds Out How Many Joe Chill Killed. Including His Parents….
So it sees him just focusing on Gotham's crime problem, and then a particular crime specifically, that of the death of his parents at the hands of common criminal, Joe Chill. And a question that hasn't been asked before How many people, including Thomas and Martha Wayne, did he kill in his career? Bruce, chill, no pun[...]