john cena sr.

john cena

Obsessed with Cake, John Cena's Dad Says Woken Matt Hardy Sucks

John Cena's dad, John Cena Sr., is back at it again, talking trash about WWE wrestlers. Cena was interviewed (by his own website) once again, and this time, instead of running down Jinder Mahal, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss, his rage was focused on one single talent: Matt Hardy. Hardy recently won back the right […]

john cena

John Cena's Dad Goes Off On Jinder Mahal, Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss

John Cena's dad doesn't have a problem with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal — he has a dozen problems with the Smackdown Live Superstar! Move over, Ryback! John Cena Sr., father of WWE Superstar John Cena, gave a shoot interview (to his own website), and he spent the entire time burying Jinder Mahal. "I don't think he's […]