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Norman Reedus And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Weird Fan Interactions And More

I'll be real with everyone — I've only seen a handful of The Walking Dead episodes, and I mostly only watched them so I could understand the pinball machine better. I have, however, seen The Boondock Saints and Watchmen and am very familiar with both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus. I was lucky enough […]

Ex-CEO John Macaluso Sold 8.5 Million Shares In Wizard World In December #WIZD

John Macaluso used to be CEO of Wizard World Entertainment but resigned back in April. He would be replaced by John Maatta, and has recently been referred to in the legal battle between Stephen Shamus and Wizard World as party to the disputed contract between Shamus and Wizard that seems to be at the heart of that case. […]

Wizard World Comes To London?

Bleeding Cool understands that the head honcho at Wizard World, John Macaluso, took meetings last week in London at the O2 dome, often known as the Millennium Dome. On the right side of the Thames, just over from the Excel Centre where the MCM London Expo and London Super Comic Con are held, the O2 […]

Where's The Money At With Wizard World?

Wizard World has entered its latest SEC Filings for 2011, as they are obliged to do as a publically owned company, and there is some interesting reading. The thing about these filings is that they have to be brutally honest and direct, covering worst case scenarios for potential investors. They are intended to be read […]

John Macaluso Named Wizard World CEO

Appointed to the board of directors of Wizard World in May last year, John Macaluso was yesterday made CEO of Wizard World, the company that runs conventions across North America, maintains a pop culture website and, most famously, used to publish a monthly comics-based magazine. No, not the drummer. Macaluso used to own California Concepts, […]