Norman Reedus And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Weird Fan Interactions And More

I'll be real with everyone — I've only seen a handful of The Walking Dead episodes, and I mostly only watched them so I could understand the pinball machine better. I have, however, seen The Boondock Saints and Watchmen and am very familiar with both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus. I was lucky enough to get to talk to them today.

The two are currently filming TWD, but were awesome enough to take some time out of their busy day to talk with me about the Fandemic tour, coming to Houston this September! The two have known con organizer John Macaluso for years, and jumped on board the second they heard about his new con.

They know this will be a fun, fan-focused con, and are looking forward to mingling with their fans. To JDM, cons are "A great opportunity to meet with fans." Although at some cons you can't really meet with celebrities, Fandemic is definitely one where you'll be able to. Both actors trust John will put on one of the best new cons in the country.

Of course, with any con, you'll have cosplay. How do the two actors react to cosplay of their characters? Reedus loves it: "It gives people an excuse not to shower," he joked, "but if anyone is dedicated to do it, it's pretty cool." I also had to ask about any weird experiences they've had with fans over the years. There was that time Reedus was bitten by a fan in 2015, and on top of that, he recalled:

"A lady humped my leg. Someone else ate squirrel meat in front of me. One time a guy wearing a horse mask came into the photo op, and asked me to ride him."

When Reedus told him no, the fan took off the head, looked to the guy behind him, and they both shared their disappointment. Another time, a young lady came up and asked him to blow into a bottle, which went back to Japan. JDM then interjected and joked that that there could be little Normans running around Japan, since they have "pretty advanced cloning technology."

JDM, on the other hand, says: "My fans aren't as wild," and while he does look forward to a wild one, he doesn't want to get bit. They hope this inaugural Fandemic in Houston will bring out the fun fans (meaning, not ones who are going to bite them; please don't bite them), and — schedules permitting — they'll be at future Fandemics, as well!

We then got sidetracked by Reedus Googling my own cosplay and pinup — dreams do come true, kids. (Plus, they now know who Sailor Moon is. You're welcome.)

Finally, I asked if most fans held it against JDM for killing off two fan favorites on TWD. Thankfully:

"Most fans know you're just an actor. People come in expecting to hate you, but then they love you. For Norman, it's the opposite."

And, of course, the other actors are friends, and they all enjoy seeing each other. In fact, TWD alumni and man on the receiving end of a fatal blow by that infamous baseball bat, Steven Yeun, will be at the con, as well.

All in all, Fandemic sounds like it's going to be a great time. Who knows — maybe I'll be lucky enough to go. If you're one of the lucky few to go and meet both JDM and Reedus, please heed these words: don't be weird. Or be super weird. It makes for a helluva story.

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