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Monday Morning Runaround – A Rood Awakening (UPDATE)
It's probably the most ambitious and significant exhibition on comics from Britain yet staged in this country. THE WAR DAYS OF CHRISTMAS John Hurt turns on the Christmas lights, after making suggestive comments to the carolers… [youtube][/youtube] ROOD AWAKENING He mentioned in November, that Burbank move or not, Executive VP and one of Diane Nelson's High Five for the DC[...]
Last Night's Gossip About The DC Comics Move (UPDATE)
And while a family man like Batman Group Editor Mike Marts would have also been likely to stay on the East Coast, and may have the ear of other publishers, could an offer of DC Comics Editor In Chief move him to move? And was John Rood planning to leave anyway? But there is no[...]
Knocking Back A Rood Cup Of Coffee
Behold, Metropolis' newest coffee shop "Rood Awakenings" @ssnyder1835 #supermanunchained #loisfavebrew… — Jim Lee (@JimLee) June 5, 2013   John Rood is the Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, a regular reader of Bleeding Cool and he has a tattoo of the state of Texas on one of his ankles. And now a Metropolis coffee chain[...]
DC Comics Executive Vice President John Rood Tried To Tip Spider-Man
The man in the T-shirt is DC Comics Executive Vice President of Sales, John Rood Wearing a slightly inappropriate Low Wage Puppet T-shirt, considering his status in the company, generous remuneration, first class flights and sitting in expensive seats.  Maybe it's irony Maybe it's the $2.99 comics cutting in Anyway,  I do like the man. But[...]
The First DC Comics Retailer Roadshow – And A Return for THUNDER Agents
The first DC Retailer Roadshow took place yesterday at Warner Bros in Burbank, as around twenty teams of retailers were ushered through security checks into the belly of the beast. Executive big guns Bob Wayne, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, Diane Nelson, Hank Kanalz and John Rood were in attendance with Rood moderating He did not attempt[...]