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A Second Chance for Romance Between Nico and Karolina in Next Week's Runaways #12?
A romance between Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru is teased throughout the first and second volumes of Runaways, culminating in Runaways Vol 2 #7, by Brian K Vaughan, Takeshi Miyazawa, Christina Strain, and Randy Gentile, when Karolina tries to kiss Nico, resulting in the following scene: That was then, but in next week's issue of Runaways by[...]
Funko Marvel Runaways Nico
Nico, Alex, Karolina, Gert, Molly and Chase will bring style, sass and a smorgasbord of Super Hero abilities to your collection Nico comes with the Staff of One, Gert is armed with her signature riot grrrl style and Chase is armed with his Fistigons and ready to fight. These all look fantastic Finally I can add[...]
Karolina Joins Runaways Lineup In Latest Marvel Teaser
We are going to stand for it, we have absolutely no dignity, and of course we're going to publish the teaser. We've previously seen Nico Minoru, Chase, and Old Lace, and now Karolina joins the cast in this exciting new teaser for Marvel's upcoming Runaways! The earlier teasers:   Hulu will be streaming a Runaways TV show early next[...]