Marvel's Runaways Gets a Wave of Funko Pops… with One Huge Omission

Marvel's Runaways fans: finally, we can collect our favorite teens! Funko has revealed an entire wave of Pops dedicated to the Hulu TV show versions of the kiddos, and they could not be cuter. Releasing this summer (which means this month since its August), all six kids from the show are here in all their glory. BUT… there is a glaring omission here that will earn a wag of the finger.

Marvel's runaway teenage Super Heroes are getting the Pop! Vinyl treatment, which might not erase the sting of discovering that their parents are Super Villains, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Nico, Alex, Karolina, Gert, Molly and Chase will bring style, sass and a smorgasbord of Super Hero abilities to your collection. Nico comes with the Staff of One, Gert is armed with her signature riot grrrl style and Chase is armed with his Fistigons and ready to fight.

These all look fantastic. Finally I can add Nico to my Funko collection — she has been one of my favorites since the day she was introduced. Molly looks adorable — and somehow they captured Alex and his douchiness. I am a little surprised we aren't getting any exclusives or chase versions, like an all-rainbow Karolina, but I am more surprised by who is not here at all.


Why oh why would you not make Old Lace? That makes zero sense. They have dinos available in other lines! This is a terrible mistake and makes me really sad. The team just doesn't feel complete without Old Lace, and hopefully they come to their senses and make one.

You can preorder the rest of the team right here.

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