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Ken Penders' Case Against Sega Dismissed… For Now
Archie Comics settled with Ken Penders over the rights to a number of characters he created for the Sonic The Hedgehog and Knuckles comic book series, that then went on to appear in games from Sega and Electronic Arts. It doesn't seem to have gone quite as well. The Ninth Circuit on Wednesday refused to revive a[...]
Archie Comics Settles With Ken Penders Over Sonic The Hedgehog Lawsuit
We'd recently reported on Ken Penders' court case against Archie Comics, and the ludicrous court transcript with Archie Comics expressing a desire to settle but unable to because of issues with Sega. Since then, I understand that Archie Comics has settled with Ken Penders over issues regarding the rights to Knuckles characters he created for the[...]
Archie Comics Begins Settlement Negotiations With Ken Penders
Three years ago, comic book writer Ken Penders began a series of legal actions against Archie Comics and Sega for the exploitation of characters he created for the Sonic comic, in other comics, games and cartoons which, he stated, he had never agreed to sell to the company. Archie Comics and Sega fought back claiming hat[...]
Ken Penders Stops Diamond From Distributing Sonic Collections
Which, even for Diamond, is unusual. Bleeding Cool has been following the legal case in which Ken Penders is suing Archie Comics and Sega for use of characters created when he wrote the Sonic The Hedgehog comics, and have now appeared in other comics and games as a result. Now it seems he has scored his first[...]