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Before They Were 'Gods': Mr. Wednesday Met Crockett & Tubbs. Twice.
Over the years, he's played everything from an elderly Charlie Chaplin (Wonderworks: Young Charlie Chaplin) and an irresistible rogue with a keen eye for antiques (Lovejoy); to a ruthless, successful billionaire who won't take "no" for an answer (Ray Donovan) and a modern-day king struggling to maintain his throne (Kings) And who can forget his[...]
Forbidden Planet, Big Bang, Green Brain, Beguiling And Kings Are New CBLDF Champions
Recently free speech comic book charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, ran a recruitment drive amongst comic book retailers. It saw them either sign up or get renewals from over 471 stores, raising an extra $66,100 in the process. And they'd like to honour five retailers for gaining Champion level memberships after giving $1000 each towards Forbidden Planet, The Big Bang Comic Shop, Green Brain Comics, The[...]