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Larry Shell
He was a publisher and editor (with some work at Kitchen Sink), wrote a story for Heavy Metal also published some trading cards and was the Director of Publications for Heroes World Distribution for 10 years, including the last 2 years as part of Marvel Comics Marketing department He's also worked as a rep for[...]
Dark Horse And Kitchen Sink Register Trademark For Seduction Of The Innocent Comics
Although much of his research has been since discredited at the time it led to Congressional hearings and for the comic industry to institute the Comics Code to censor their titles, which put Harvey Kurtzmann out of business and infantalised the comic book medium in the USA. Now Dark Horse and Kitchen Sink have, together, registered the name[...]
Dark Horse, Kitchen Sink And The Comics Industry
I remember being fascinated with the Comics Journal's reports on the comics publisher Kitchen Sink buying fellow publisher Tundra Or was it Tundra buying Kitchen Sink? The Journal was keen to point out how unclear it was, and how the official PR on the matter was blatantly not to be trusted. And there, right in that[...]