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LEGO Marvel's Avengers Season Pass Details
Drew Hurley writes for Bleeding Cool… With LEGO Marvel's Avengers hitting today in the US and on Steam, the UK received a special press event from Warner Bros to help make up for us having to wait until Friday to finally get our hands on the game. Game director Arthur Parsons was in attendance to show off[...]
LEGO Marvel's Avengers Is Getting Free DLC On PlayStation 3 And PlayStation 4
LEGO Marvel's Avengers is just around the corner and it looks pretty neat, bringing the cinematic universe into digital brick form As with all of the LEGO games, this one is seemingly coming to every console. If you are on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, you will be getting more bang for your buck with the[...]
LEGO Marvel's Avengers Shows Off It's Open World In New Trailer
I was a little cautious about how LEGO Marvel's Avengers would be 'framed.' The previous LEGO Marvel game took place in a huge world with a few levels to jump into from there I was worried the new title would scrap that and have a hub to just hop into missions straight from the movie Well, LEGO[...]
Lego Jurassic Park And Avengers Games Are On The Way
Lego Jurassic Park and Lego Marvel's Avengers games have been announced by TT Games, Warner Brothers Interactive and The Lego Group. The Jurassic Park game will feature storylines of the first three movies in the franchise, as well as Jurassic World The game will be available in June on Xbox One, the Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation[...]