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NYCC '15: LEGO Marvel's Avengers May Have 250 Playable Characters But Spider-Man Won't Be One Of Them


(Note: The original title stated that Daredevil wasn't going to be in the game. He in fact will be, but just not the Netflix version.)

Madeline Ricchiuto writes for Bleeding Cool

In a roundtable interview, Arthur Parsons of TT Games confirmed that LEGO Marvel's Avengers will have over 100 new playable characters, "we think 250." Some of the characters confirmed are Agents Coulson, Carter, and Hill, as well as Egghead, Devil Dinosaur, Jack The Moon Boy, Fin Fang Foom, Jane Foster, Thor, America Chavez, Miss Marvel, Kamala Khan, Lady Sif, Squirrel Girl, but Spider-Man and the rest of the Spidey franchise did not make the cut. I blame Sony. Clark Gregg and Haley Atwell did the voiceover work on their characters, and are joined by many other "really cool voice-actors" who will remain unknown, for now.

The game will include content from Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agent Carter, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., only condensed and with that LEGO twist. There are several key scenes that have been translated into the game shot-for-shot. The Netflix specific series of Daredevil and Jessica Jones will not make appearances, for the sake of age ratings. The show is designed to be playable for kids ages 6-12 afterall. So LEGO Kingpin will not be smashing anyone's head in with a door. "We love seeing what we love translated through the lego lens," said Bill Roseman of Marvel Games.

Many of the characters have special character switching animations, some are generic, but the important characters have unique animations that alter depending on the outfit, so each of Iron Man's armors gets a different animation. There will be a Hulk-Buster suit, by the way.

Post credits teasers were considered "need to have." LEGO Marvel Superheroes had a post credits teaser that revealed LEGO Batman. Batman had a teaser that revealed a shadow that looked like all the Avengers lined up to hint at LEGO Marvel's Avengers, and this game will be no different.

Stan Lee will return, this time in a version of the Hulk-Buster armor called the Stan-Buster. "With Lego Marvel Superheros, we wanted to put Stan Lee in that game, it was an excuse for me to meet that man," Parsons said of Stan Lee's appearances in-game. He will have cameos at key Avengers movies, some really funny moments. He sweeps up Avengers tower at one point and he just pucks up Thor's hammer and moves it.

Marvel Games is currently in talks about a partnership with Telltale games. TT will not be doing a LEGO Walking Dead game, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a possibility. According to Parsons, "you never know."

During the panel that followed, Arthur Parsons, Bill Roseman, and Mike Jones were joined by moderator Ryan Peraras to show the new LEGO Avengers trailer, a clip of the opening sequence which is shot-for-shot based on Age of Ultron's opening, except this time there were random LEGO pigs involved. Coulson's scenes from Avengers were also shown, as was a clip of gameplay from a sequence with Agent Peggy Carter. In another clip of LEGO's version of AOU, Tony makes a flying iron-pig, so thats something to look out for. There are a lot of those LEGO-style visual gags.

The game includes open-world maps of Manhattan, Malibu, Asgard, Barton Farm, and South Africa. The Thanos-Copter will make an appearance, as will the Iron Monger.

The game is designed to be a celebration of everything Marvel, with content from comics, TV, and original characters. "Authenticity is key" was a phrase that got bandied about rather often. The game is slated for release on January 26th, 2016.

And here is the transcript from the Arthur Parson's and Mike Jones roundtable:

Q: What are you doing next?
AP: They never ever tell me because I have a big mouth, but we have a lot of

Q: Do you personally enjoy any of the trophies?
AP: The best ones are dreamt up at about 2am two weeks before we finish. You make a horrendously bad pun with alliteration, those are the best.

Q: Will Spider-Gwen make an appearance
BR: there are a lot of new characters we love, but this game is about Avengers, authentically Avengers… Have they been on the team, have they had a story with the team… When it comes to Spider-Gwen she hasn't been on the team or with the team, yet… But we do have a huge cast of Female Avengers… We want kids to see that you all can be heroes.

Q: Can some of the easter eggs be hidden in certain scenes, like Ant Man and the Wasp in the background?
AP: We've already finished that… You do have to go find the collector.

Q: Will there be a LEGO Marvel/DC crossover? You teased Batman at the end of Marvel Superheroes?
AP: We teased the next games in the lineup… you have to look at the post credit sequence at the end of this one.

Q: Will Charlie Cox be in the game?
AP: I don't know if that would be age appropriate… We have to remember that what makes LEGO games is the most fun is that they're great Family games.

Q: Is there a Guardians Of The Galaxy DLC? Can we save Jack Kirby?
MJ: For the first question, we have not released any DLC news yet.
AP: We did think about that, but as he is no longer with us, we thought it may offended someone so we scrapped that.

Q: Marvel joining Dimensions?
MJ: We found out when you did about Dimensions, they don't tell us everything… And you've all been playing Disney Infinity … which is where we've been working the mashup for now.
AP: Never say never with TT.

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