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Leslie Thompkins Has Not Forgotten What Barbara Kean Did To Her
It only took two years and an insanity and strength increasing virus, but Leslie Thompkins is finally going after Barbara Kean It was the end of season one when Babs (Erin Richards) tried to kill Lee (Morena Baccarin), now as we reach the end of season three we see that things have not been forgotten[...]
Even More Love Is Coming To Gotham
We've had the relations ship between Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean and then Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins We have the hints of a relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle and of course Bruce Wayne and Silver St Cloud We've had Butch Gilzean and Tabitha Galavan (and Barbara Kean) and even Harvey Bullock got to[...]
Gordon Meets Thompkins In Clip From Upcoming Gotham
Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) who will most likely become an ally as the comic version of Thompkins has been a long-time ally of Batman Here we see that first meeting in a clip from Rogue's Gallery posted by Entertainment Weekly. On January 5th, Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is assigned to guard duty at Arkham[...]
Morena Baccarin Cast As Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Leslie Thompkins, a friend of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne and an employee at the newly opened Arkham Asylum She will also find her self drawn closer to James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and into dangerous situations. The role is said to become a regular in season 2 along with the recently announced Harvey Dent (Nicholas D'Agosto). [Source:[...]