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Comic Creator Lilah Sturges Tells Her Transition Story
Lilah Sturges is a comic book creator well known for her work on titles such as Jack Of Fables, House Of Mystery, Blue Beetle, JSA, Girl Haven, Shadowpact, Thor: Season One, The Literals, Fables, Booster Gold, Doctor Who, Public Relations, The Four Norsemen Of The Apocalypse, Damsels: Mermaids, Lumberjanes, The Magicians, and the upcoming The[...]
Girl Haven by Lilah Sturges and Meaghan Carter in Oni Press Solicits
Oni Press' December 2020 solicitations include original graphic novel Girl Haven by Lilah Sturges and Meaghan Carter – even though it's only out in February 2021 About a fantasy world that only allows women or girls entry, But then Ash gains entry – which asks all sorts of questions There's more from Invader Zim, Rick[...]
Lilah Sturges and Alitha E. Martinez Reveal The Science Of Ghosts
Writer of Jack Of Fables and House Of Mystery, Lilah Sturges and Alitha E Martinez, artist on Iron Man, Black Panther and Batgirl are creating a new graphic novel The Science of Ghosts around a transgender parapsychologist from Legendary Comics, out next Summer. While on the verge of losing a research grant that would jeopardize her[...]
Over 50 female comic book creators have donated their time and mad skills to support female retailers who have lost incredible amounts of money due to the COVID-19 pandemic," says Shelly Bond, a 30-year veteran comic book editor (DC/Vertigo, Black Crown/IDW), who set the project in motion. All-star contributors include Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Stephanie[...]
Free CBLDF Banned Books Week Webinar Announced Addressing Identity Censorship
They will include Lilah Sturges, whose works include Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass, The Magicians: Alice's Story, who was the target for such discriminatory practices, and John Spears, Chief Librarian, and CEO of Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs. In addition to receiving CBLDF's "Fighting Identity Censorship Toolkit," all webinar participants are invited to share their own[...]
The CBLDF Calls For Austinites to Protest Council Over Lilah Sturges Cancellation
  Texas newspaper Hill Country News has reported that city officials at the Leander Public Library abruptly cancelled an appearance of comic book creator Lilah Sturges by e-mail due to "unforeseen circumstances" just two hours before it was scheduled to begin. The event, part of the library's weekly graphic novel book club comes after protest against LGBTQ-inclusive[...]
22 Pages From This Summer's The Magicians: Alice's Story OGN by Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has offered a first look at the upcoming Magicians OGN by Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak, The Magicians: Alice's Story As the title implies, the graphic novel expands on on the first book by exploring Alice Quinn's backstory before joining Brakebills A press release contains more details: THE MAGICIANS is an award-winning,[...]