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Bryan Singer Developing R-Rated Red Sonja Series For Television
Now by saying R-rated that narrows down the places the series could run to something like HBO / Showtime or a streaming service like Netflix / Amazon. Of course Luke Lieberman is involved seeing as he owns the property and will be executive producing along with Jason Taylor via Singer's production company Bad Hat Harry Singer[...]
Roy Thomas Joins All-Star Creative Team For Red Sonja #1973
The issue will contain the works of veteran Sonja writers Roy Thomas, Gail Simone, Luke Lieberman, and Eric Trautmann along with first-time Sonja writer Cullen Bunn and artists Dave Acosta and Rich Buckler.The stories will be 'retro-tinted' to capture the flavor of her classic comics era. Thomas reflects on the long legacy of the character, "It's been very gratifying to me[...]
Nancy A Collins Talks About Writing A More Mature Red Sonja
Covers by Jay Anacleto and Walter Geovani. DAVID AVALLONE: I noticed Luke Lieberman credited as your co-writer on this How did that collaboration work? NANCY COLLINS: Luke is the actual owner of the Red Sonja intellectual property rights In this case, he came up with the basic plot for Vulture's Circle, such as it involving Red Sonja[...]
Red Sonja Enters The Vultures Circle In This Process Art
Here we have some process art from Red Sonja: Vultures Circle, the newest miniseries written by Nancy A Collins and Luke Lieberman with art by Fritz Casas and colors by Adriano Augusto. From shadow-haunted Stygia emerges an evil undreamt of by even the most depraved minds: the demi-god called Sutekh Born of an unspeakable blood ritual, he[...]
Nancy A. Collins And Luke Leberman To Write Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle
Collins (Vampirella) and Luke Lieberman (Queen Sonja) will be working with artist Fritz Casas (Blood Queen) on a new miniseries for Dynamite Entertainment called Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle The series will focus on the later years of the red-headed warrior and will have covers by Jay Anacleto, Walter Geovani and Lucio Parillo. In Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle[...]