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Kidding Season 1, Episode 7 'Kintsugi': "Mr. Pickles-san" Pays a Visit (PREVIEW)
Pickles-san – and as we can see from this preview for the next episode of Showtime's Kidding ('Kintsugi') he's already making a good impression on Maddy (Juliet Morris): can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: 'This is Mr Pickles-san' Ep 7 Official Clip | Kidding | Season 1 ( Kidding s01e07 'Kintsugi': Jeff goes off script and[...]
Kidding s01e06 'The Cookie': Jeff's Identity Crisis Has Some Company (REVIEW)
Pickles" to work together. Showtime In this week's episode, Jeff's identity crisis had some friends riding shotgun: Will (Cole Allen) gets to know the real Phil, while Deidre's (Catherine Keener) anger towards Maddy (Juliet Morris) brings back painful childhood memories Jeff convinces Vivian (Ginger Gonzaga) to return to chemo in the most Gondry way possible, a parakeet[...]