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Matt Hawkins Teases Upcoming Magdalena Statue
XM Studios and Kan Supabanpot recently made a Darkness statue for Top Cow. You can see more of it here. Now the two have combined again for an upcoming Magdalena statue to go withe a series relaunch by Tini Howard, Ryan Cady and Christian DiBari The below images was posted by Top Cow's President/COO Matt[...]
How To Get Investigated By The FBI And Other News From The Top Cow Panel (Updated)
Art will be courtesy of "a female Scandinavian artist." The main character, described as the greatest military mind of her generation, will be acting internationally this time around and training a team of proteges for her new taskmasters. "Aphrodite V [5]" is returning as is classic character "The Magdalena," the later described as the company's "John[...]
63 Thoughts About 62 Of Today's Comics – Prometheus, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Batgirl, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Lady Demon, Copperhead, Charmed, Spider-Verse Team Up, Spider-Man, Supreme, Bitch Planet, Spider-Man & The X-Men, Skylanders, My Little Pony, Mercy Thompson, Fraggle Rock, Little Nemo, Peter Panzerfaust, Empty Man, Crossed Badlands, Wild Ones, God Is Dead, Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Thor, Avengers World, Carnage, Constantine, Amazing X-Men, Rocket Raccoon, Winterworld, Futures End, Alice Cooper, Shutter,  Magdalena, The Valiant, Princess Ugg, Helheim, V-Wars, TMNT, Angry Brids, Angry Birds Vs Transformers, Transformers, Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, Star Trek, Samurai Jack, October Faction, Suicide Risk, Maxx, D&D, 7th Sword, Hexed, Sirens, Eternal, Thomas Alsop, Deep State, Solar, Flash Gordon,  Ex-Con and John Carter
After the ISIS assassinations, it seems like there's even more of this stuff going around right now. At least God Is Dead #25 can turn the activity to a more healthy, sporting, pursuit. But there are times like this, as in Magdalena: Seventh Sacrament Oneshot that having a weapon expert on the premises isn't always the best idea. The Valiant[...]
New Magdalena One-Shot From All Female Creative Team
New on Wednesday from Top Cow is a Magdalena one shot called Seventh Sacrament The book is by a team of their Talent Search winners who happen to be all female Trini Howard is the writer with pencils and inks by Aileen Oracion who challenge challenge the legend of the Spear of Destiny as sins of[...]