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’21 Bridges’ Trailer Chadwick Boseman Puts NY on Lockdown in Russos’ Crime Thriller
Matthew Michael Carnahan (World War Z, Deepwater Horizon) and Adam Mervis (The Philly Kid) have written the script. The film also stars Sienna Miller, Stephan James, Keith David with Taylor Kitsch and J.K Simmons. 21 Bridges comes to theaters July 12th. Chadwick Boseman and The Russo Brothers are looking to put audiences on the edge of their[...]
World War Z — The Bleeding Cool Review
Matthew Michael Carnahan and J Michael Straczynski turned in a script that dispensed with all but the core of Brooks's idea Instead they told a story based in the same universe as the book, with a brand new character Brad Pitt is Gerry Lane, a retired UN trouble-shooter asked back for one last mission —[...]