IDW Announces New Artist Editions Of The Maxx, Hellboy, Star Slammers, Romita Spider-Man, Marvel Covers And Basil Wolverton's Horizontal Weird Worlds UPDATE

(and see the end for an updated write-up of the panel).Recreations of the original art for Sam Kieth's Maxx...Mike Mignola's Hellboy...Walt Simonson's Star Slammers...Classic Marvel Covers, a very thick volume recreating the original cover art for Marvel in the sixties and seventies.More John Romita Spider-Man Artist Editions...Not only the Basil Wolverton Weird Worlds Artist Edition[...]

$10,000 For Sam Kieth Drawing Jim Lee And Rob Liefeld?

Sam Kieth drawing Jim Lee's Deathblow and Rob Liefeld's Bloodwulf as well has his own Maxx in a series that predated The Maxx Sam Kieth rarely sells his own art, so this is quite the rarity, and basically the first appearance of all these characters...And it's on eBay for $10,000 Anyone fancy it?Is it worth[...]