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Junior Miss (Marvel, 1947).
The Marvel title Junior Miss was meant to be a comic book companion to their Miss America Magazine.  Whereas Miss America Magazine was a teenage girl-focused magazine format publication with some comics, Junior Miss was a comic book with some magazine-style features, including fashion, tips, advice, and fiction.  The comic book originally debuted around the[...]
Miss America Comics #1 (Timely, 1944)
Marvel/Timely's Miss America debuted in Marvel Mystery Comics #49, cover-dated November 1943.  Created by Otto Binder and Al Gabriele, that issue told the story of Madeline Joyce, the teenage ward of radio tycoon James Bennet.  Bennet was funding the experiments of scientist Professor Lawson, who developed an electrically-charged apparatus that gave him superpowers.  Madeline quickly[...]
'13 Reasons Why', 'Heathers', and Why TV Should Make You Angry [The Weekly Static s01e43]
Presidential Election…and the promise that each and every one of you takes a few minutes to make sure those you care about are doing okay – physically and mentally. https://youtu.be/Y4lOhKYIvYUVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: '13 Reasons Why', 'Heathers', and Why TV Should Make You Angry [The Weekly Static s01e43] (https://youtu.be/Y4lOhKYIvYU) 2019 Miss America Competition:[...]
2019 Miss America Competition: Swimsuit Round Eliminated, Evening Gown Revamped
When 2018 Miss America Cara Mund took to Twitter yesterday to urge fans of the event to tune in to ABC's Good Morning America for some major announcements about this year's edition, she wasn't joking Miss America Organization Board of Trustees Chair Gretchen Carlson appeared on the highly-rated morning news and entertainment program to announce[...]
Daily Show's Michelle Wolf to Host White House Correspondents Dinner
Her Pennsylvania roots, stints on Wall Street and in science and self-made, feminist edge make her the right voice now." – Margaret Talev, President, WHCA To say that Wolf sharpens her comedic knives against Trump on a nightly basis through The Daily Show might be one of the biggest understatements I'll write today: in the following clip, Wolf looks[...]
Ultimates Squared #8 Review: Galactus And Ego Have A Heart-To-Heart
The Ultimates, now working without government sanction thanks to the events of Civil War II¸ are investigating this phenomenon with the help of Galactus, who is now the Life-Bringer. Miss America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Blue Marvel, and Spectrum are hot on the trail of this when they are attacked by the government-sanctioned Troubleshooters, who want[...]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz Throws Her Name In The Ring For America Chavez
Stephanie Beatriz, who plays the tough-as-nails cop Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, wants to star in a Miss America film, and she wants current Miss America writer Gabby Rivera to pen it. I'd like to see America Chavez played by me and written by @QuirkyRican https://t.co/t8c7tI5Kdk — Stephanie Beatriz (@iamstephbeatz) May 19, 2017 The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Shredder To Catbug
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Vega (Street Fighter) : Vega Cosplay (https://www.facebook.com/Saud.Vega) Photographer : Ayzrock Velasco (https://www.facebook.com/ayzrock.velasco) Shredder (TMNT) : Glitzy Geek Girl (http://www.glitzygeekgirl.com/) Photographer : Glitzy Geek GirlMiss America (Young Avengers) : Sara Moni[...]
Tales from the Four-Color Closet – LGBTQ Young Avengers
But throughout the issue, Loki reveals in panel that he is certainly open to relationships with other men (although it had already been mentioned by upcoming Loki: Agent of Asgard writer Al Ewing that he would be handling the character as bisexual in his title); Miss America implies that she herself is queer too, and[...]
A New Warriors Three Book From Marvel NOW? With Wiccan, Loki And Miss America?
Such as this Marvel NOW! Point One teaser showing us the cover of what we can presume is a new series, showing Wiccan, Loki and Miss America, following on from yesterday's teasing of a new Ant Man series by Nick Spencer. Could this be the new Warriors Three? Written by Kieron Gillen? And taking up plotlines[...]