Another Holiday, Another Reminder That Stephanie Beatriz Would Like To Play America Chavez

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and nothing says Turkey Day like actors campaigning for superhero movie roles by posting photos of themselves dressed like superheroes on social media. For Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz, it's been a long, ongoing campaign to convince Marvel that she should play Miss America, alter ego of America Chavez, in an upcoming film or television show.

Back in May, Beatriz threw her hat into the ring for America Chavez when she tweeted:

And as a reminder, Beatriz took the opportunity of Halloween, America's number one cosplay holiday, to show off how she would look in the role:

And now, to celebrate Thanksgiving, Beatriz has posted another photo to make clear that she's still interested in the role.

View this post on Instagram.

It's clear she has the passion for the role, and she can also clearly pull off the look. The only problem is that Marvel isn't exactly known for putting out movies with female leads. The first Marvel Studios movie with a female lead, in fact, and also the first one with a woman as co-director, is set to hit theaters in 2019. Before Captain Marvel, there will have been twenty Marvel movies with either male leads or male-heavy ensemble casts. And though Marvel has insisted that there are LGBTQ characters in its universe, it's yet to put anything on film to prove it.

So hopefully Beatriz is interested in playing the long game here. If so, we might be talking about the new Miss America movie starring Stephanie Beatriz sometime around Arbor Day 2027.

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