“Evangelion” No. 13 Giji-Shunka3 Has Arrived with Kotobukiya 

"Evangelion" No. 13 Giji-Shunka3 Has Arrived with Kotobukiya 

This time Kotobukiya is releasing a new model kit featuring Evangelion No 13 Giji-Shinka3! This model is beautifully designed and features over 400 pre-colored pieces for builder convenience This body style is defiantly unique and pretty badass with the classic Evangelion body but with an alien design and added pieces Giji-Shinka3 does come with multiple[...]

Ultraman Stands His Ground With New Model Kits From Bandai

Ultraman Stands His Ground With New Model Kits From Bandai

These figures are model kits from Bandai but they really pack a punch Each figure stands roughly 6 inches, is fully posable one built and comes with some nice accessories Two versions of him are available, first is Suit Version 7.5 and comes with interchangeable hands, a sword, holster, and a scabbard He is set[...]

Optimus Prime Gets a Comic Book Makeover with Flame Toys

Optimus Prime Gets a Comic Book Makeover with Flame Toys [Recap]

With Flame Toys they are giving us a new Transformers Furai Action Optimus Prime figure but unlike the models we have seen previously, this one is already built When you love the figures but just don’t have all that extra time on your hands this is the option for you The figure will already come[...]

Let's Talk ABout America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 2

Last week you may recall that one of America's guilty pleasure shows returned for it's 24th cycle.  America's Next Top Model premiered on VH1 (their second season with the cable network after many years on The CW and before that UPN) last Monday, introducing a new crop of model hopefuls and bringing back the mogul who started[...]

America's Next Top Model

Let's Talk About America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Premiere

It's hard to believe Tyra Banks's modeling competition show has reached its 24th cycle, but here we are. America's Next Top Model started in 2003, on UPN (which became The CW in 2006), until the series moved to its current home on VH1 last year.Supermodel and business mogul Banks introduced audiences of all ages to a different[...]

Godzilla Model Shows Off His Full Form, Drops Atomic Breath Clues

in model form.This gem comes from Godzilla News who say that its origin is "unknown" so perhaps take it with "a grain of salt," but I am convinced this is the genuine article.Why am I convinced? Because his face looks remarkably similar to the look I got at the Godzilla Experience at Comic Con[...]

When Manko Models Catsuits And Rayguns In A Comic Shop

This is Orbital Comics, in London, official suppliers of weekly comic books to Bleeding Cool, and now transformed into an art studio, with artists, paper, pens, beer, a life model and props.This week, Jason Atomic hosted a life-drawing class featuring Manko, in a catsuit and posing with raygun-style weaponry.It was booked up well in advance, the[...]

If You Saw A Near Naked Woman Driving The Batmobile… Would You Pull Her Over?

[youtube]![/youtube] While shooting a commercial for using the actual Batmobile from the 1998 Batman movie, North Miami Beach cops pulled over the vehicle. Producers were waiting around the corner with cameras rolling for the Batmobile to drive by. The driver, in platform heels and little else was given a warning for "Improper Footwear While […]

Rachel Clarke Is Idolized's Joule (VIDEO)

Aspen's new superhero reality TV show is getting covers from actual models Rachel Clarke, photographed by Michael Schwart for covers of the series. Most of these will have special effects added in later, reflecting the use of her powers (glowing energy around her hands and whatnot. Rachel also took her own video of the shoot and uploaded[...]

Wednesday Runaround – Rupert Murdoch Vs Perry White

for now.GoodSideWatch: Teeside model Ian Lochrie gets press for being the model of upcoming graphic novel Marie's War.This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking I come for your women But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online One day I will rule Until that day, read on.The Watcher This is the new[...]