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Check Out The Trailer For Saban Films Mortal, Out November 6th
The new film Mortal has debuted its trailer today, and it looks like it might be a sleeper to keep an eye on Starring Nat Wolff, Iben Akerlie, Per Frisch, Per Egil Aske, and Priyanka Bose, the film features Wolff as an American in a Norwegian town The catch? He has supernatural powers We are[...]
Wolverine #12 To Be A Game Changer In September 2014
And since issue 1 is in February, there will be twelve issues in eight months. Oh, and it's called a "Mortal" variant So, looks like that healing factor isn't coming back any time soon. Marvel call the issue in September "game changing" and state that it will receive national media attention Is it time to revisit a[...]