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Aquaman #39 cover by Rafa Sandoval
Aquaman tells Murk to let him personally know should a Black Ops team enter Atlantis, specifying that Murk not tell Mera to keep her innocent Inevitably, Murk detects the Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad, entering the city Aquaman and his team respond. Aquaman #39 cover by Rafa Sandoval and Ivan Plascencia After the lengthy war[...]
Aquaman #36 cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Murk and Aquaman sneak into the Atlantean palace to finally depose King Corum Rath However, neither knows what Rath has become through the power of the Abyssal Dark In the Silent School's library, Mother Cetea, Vulko, Ondine, Dolphin, and King Shark search for some magical way to stop Rath's new powers. Aquaman #36 cover by[...]
Aquaman Annual #1 cover by Max Fiumara
A breakout at a prison facility disrupts the day's festivities, and everything begins unraveling slowly before Aquaman's eyes. A decent evaluation of the story requires major spoilers for the big twists in this issue, so consider yourself warned. Aquaman Annual #1 cover by Max Fiumara All of this is the result of Aquaman, Mera, Murk, and members of[...]