"Tread lightly" Scene - Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9

Bryan Cranston Comments on "Breaking Bad" Film, Script That May or May Not Exist

While Vince Gilligan and AMC (and now add Netflix into the mix, since it appears they will get first-airing rights) continue to stay silent on reports that the Breaking Bad creator will return to the world of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) through a reported sequel film to the award-winning series, Cranston has a few conflicting teases up his […]

'Underground' Canceled As WGN America Joins Networks Abandoning Scripted Series

It seems that after two seasons, WGN America has told producers of it's slave-era drama Underground that they'll have to find a new home. WGN had previously announced the cancellation of their other drama series, Outsiders with a similar rationale. Regardless of the ratings, the new network owners, Tribune Media, have set out to find […]

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: The Journalism We Want to Deserve

  Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool; You know, all through last week, I had no idea what today's column was going to be about. I was dry, there was nothing the really caught my attention, I thought I might write something about endings and how manga series end… …then Aaron Sorkin's new show THE […]

Recommended: Dream Home On DVD

When Pang Ho-Cheung's Dream Home was released in UK cinemas last year, I ran a post imploring people to go and see it. I'd like to reprise much of the argument, now that the film is being released on DVD in the UK. Here are four reasons I gave that Dream Home is worth your time. […]